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Continuing Education Planning Committee

Welcome! As a member of the Continuing Education Planning Committee, you'll help guide the topics of future Practice-Web webinars, enhance learning opportunities for dental professionals across the country, and help your team earn free continuing education credits. 

Start by dropping your name on the form so we can keep you in the loop with upcoming dates. Then, bookmark this page to have quick access to important info as it's rolled out.

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Shape future webinars and help your team earn free CE credits by completing the form on this page and joining the Planning Committee.  Our next meeting will be scheduled soon.


Ensure your team has access to the learning opportunities the need most by completing a short survey on your CE course topic preferences.

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The Practice-Web Continuing Education Program’s mission is to help dentists thrive. Our innovative virtual educational experiences empower dentists and their teams with tested strategies and the latest advancements in practice management, providing a foundation for the delivery of excellent patient care while allowing them to operate more efficient and effective practices.


1. Provide excellent CE so that providers can fulfill their requirements and deliver elevated patient care.

2. Offer free and low-cost CE opportunities to ensure it’s easy for practices to continue personal and professional development.

3. Strive to grow our audience annually.


Who Can Join?

Who Can Join

We're looking for dental professionals who work in a clinical setting. This includes:



    -Office Managers

    -Front Office Assistants

    -Back Office Assistants

    What Will I Be Required to Do?


    You'll need to be able to attend one or two 30-minute virtual meetings per year. The dates and times will be determined by the committee. These will be more like roundtable discussions, so please come prepared to offer your personal insights on what you think courses should cover. However, you will not need to do anything before or after these sessions.

    Just as we have in the past, Practice-Web will continue to do all the heavy lifting with developing and presenting course content. We will send you periodic emails that include surveys to get your feedback and keep you informed of committee happenings as well.

    How Will I Attend Meetings?

    Meeting Attendance

    Committee meetings will be held via Zoho Meetings (the same software we use for webinars). That means you can join with any computer, tablet, or smartphone that has a browser and internet connection.

    We'd love to see your smile via video, but it's not required. We'll be sharing our screens during many sessions to display information related to topics being covered, so it's a good idea to log in with a screen large enough for you to view presentations. However, you'll be able to call in or use mobile devices as needed too,

    Members of the Planning Committee will receive a notice with a personal join link via email prior to each meeting. 

    Why Should I Participate?

    Why Participate

    We're here to help YOU thrive! We need your feedback to understand your needs and develop continuing education content that will help you excel. Plus, your insights will help other professionals like yourself and your participation will allow us to provide CE credits for our webinars.

    How Do I Get CE Credits?

    Awarding CE Credits

    CE credits will be awarded to those who participate in our live webinars. We plan to continue holding them approximately once per month and each one will be worth 0.5 to 1.0 CE hours. 

    We are in the process of becoming accredited by the American Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) through the PACE Program. Once approved, CE credits earned through our webinars will be accepted by most governing bodies (dental boards, professional societies, etc.) as non-clinical/ non-scientific hours. We will keep you informed of our approval status. 
    Is There a Fee?


    No!!! There's absolutely no charge to participate in the CE Planning Committee. Moreover, it is our intent to offer CE credits free to your team for attending webinars. 
    Who Can I Contact About This?

    Contact Us

    If you have additional questions about the CE Planning Committee, please reach out to the Practice-Web team at